The Great Reunion is the first episode of Dragon Ball TF.

The Great ReunionEdit

Over 15 years have passed since the events of Battle of Gods, Goku has realised his true potential and has sworn to keep the Earth save from the grasp of evil, With the help of the Super Saiyan God transformation Goku's power has rised tenfold, but all may not stay well because the peace was just the calm before the massive storm. 

Goku and his family are at their house greeting everyone that arrives, "Hey Vegeta!" Goku yells, "Greetings Kakarot" Vegeta repiles. Bulma gives Goku a big hug, Vegeta looks rather annoyed "You do know we didn't come here for this hugging nonsense", "Yeah well we didn't come here for Mr. Grouch!" Bulma responds with anger. Goten and Gohan watches the arguement and begin to laugh. Goten decides to stop them and introduce his new son, so does Trunks. They both introduce at the same time "This is Katai!" Trunks says, "This is Rokku!" Goten announces. Everyone stares in amazement, "Didn't notice you guys both had kids!" Krillin says. Piccolo looks at the children "So these kids look like they will grow up to be good fighters" he said. Goku looks around and smiles but his smile quickly fades when he notices an explosion coming from the forest, His facial expression quickly turns into a shocked look. Everyone looks with their mouths open. "What was that?" said Goku.

To be Continued