Revlis is one of the main antagonists of Dragon Ball TF. He is a Majin God created by Bibidi 200 years before Buu was created. He is one of the strongest Majin in the universe even being able to kill Super Buu with a swift movement. He can even take on a Super Saiyan 5 without breaking a sweat. He can only be defeated by a being with a power level higher than a Hyper Saiyan 3. His name is the word Silver spelt backwards.

Creation of RevlisEdit

200 years before the creation of Buu, Bibidi wanted to create a Majin God that would have powers that could exceed the limit of godly powers. When Revlis was finally born he had a burning desire within to kill anything in sight with no mercy, He even wasn't hesitating to kill his own creator. Revlis attacked Bibidi with a massive energy blast, Bibidi was almost killed but managed to heal himself by using his powers. Revlis escaped from Bibidi's Sight and flew off into deep space and was never found again.

Battle with RevlisEdit

After the battle with Killza 2.0 in space Rokku noticed a multiple chain of exploding planets, In shock he decided to inspect the terrifying attack. When Rokku got close he noticed a giant god like creature. The god stared back at him and attacked with rage. Revlis flew to earth and vaporised many cities without breaking a sweat. Rokku returned and gathered the New Z Fighters to battle this deadly god.