The Hyper Saiyan 3 is the final transformation in the Hyper Saiyan line, Unlike the previous transformations this only lasts for 15 minutes.


The Hyper Saiyan 3 has very long, blue hair. The muscle size has returned to their original size.

Faded Hyper Saiyan 3Edit

After 10 minutes of use, the Hyper Saiyan 3's strength will decrease even lower than the user's base form. The hair color will return to the user's original hair color. Eventually the user will become normal and faint.

Power LevelsEdit

Vegeta Hyper Saiyan 3 - 600,000,000,000,000,000,000

Vegeta Faded Hyper Saiyan 3 - 670,000

Similar TransformationsEdit